Lasheen Branding & Packaging

Birds Cage for Food Products

Dino's Premium Jam Preserve at SIAL Paris. Dino's is BCF premium quality brand for Jam, Saucec, Nectars & Tomato Paste. Packaging was printed by the pioneers of packaging in Egypt, Lasheen Branding & packaging, we can't be more thankful to represent Egypt with support of such great business partners. Special thanks to the Owners and CEP's Eng. Ayman Lasheen and Eng. Ehab Lasheen for thier support in this project.

Abdelrahman Zahran / Vice Chairman


The success partner is Mr. Ayman Lashin. This man is a genius, very serious, and a very good friend. Mr. Ayman Lashin is the one who chose the name "B Laban" from the beginning in a 30-second phone call. Other than that, of course, many successes together, and he is one of the most beloved friends to my heart, frankly.

Moamen Adel / Co-founder


We are pleased to continue our cooperation with Lasheen Branding & Packaging for more than a decade of working together. Through their innovative packaging designs & exceptional printing quality, they have aided us in innovating new products for the cosmetics & nutritional supplements. This has allowed us to carry out our business strategy of providing high-quality goods to all of our customers while having a clear vision full of ideas and growth. Most importantly, they analyze how to reflect your brand very well. I would recommend them to everyone.

Amer Abdelrehem / CEO & Founder

Switch Group UAE & Oman

Lasheen company is the amazing meaning of partnership! Eng. Ehab Lasheen and Eng. Ayman Lasheen. We are as Ajeep in UAE and Oman opperciate Lasheen cooperation. Lasheen and Ajeep! Together as one and the big family.

Ahmed Gawish / CEO

Biostream Pharmaceuticals

I Help organizations to grow faster through leade and strategic planning.
Stay tuned, transformation in progress....
Ayman Lasheen Thank for the efforts exerted and marvelous output in this matter!

Essam Mahmoud / Former Director

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