Tia Gold

New journey for a new brand to one of our respective clients.

One of the most difficult moment when one of our successful clients required from us to create for him a new brand to compete himself with his market leader’s brand (which we already designed and produced to him).

This happened when our client omni max asks us to create a new brand for pets care to compete omni guard (our designed & production) but, targeting a little bit higher category.

We at Lasheen create “TIA GOLD“, (Tia) like it wrote has no meaning, but we used the word “Tier” (meaning animal in German language).

By its method of pronunciation, in German language they pronounce it “TIA”, and gold as it target A & A+ classes, thats why we named it “Tia Gold“.

In the design, we used a certain degree of golden color to be consent on all packaging material to reflect the gold and the target segment. We add another color to diffrenciate between the variants.

Also visual for lovely pets to help in communication to its target and give the feelings they need.

Client: Tia Gold

Date: April 1, 2020

Location: Cairo, Egypt

Category: Packaging, Vet

Project Photos