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Mashwy Basha

here’s always a new chance to prove that we can compete ourselve and try to make a new success story with every new project requested from us.

When one of our respective clients asked us to think and propose (brand name) with complete corporate branding and packaging identity for his grilled sandwiches and meals restaurant, The challenge was that this field is old in Egypt and in the Arab area, and there are many big brands with a well-known identity.

So, it was necessary to create a different idea for the brand so that it can appear clearly and strong in the beginning, through his identity and visual branding.

We found a solution in creating a grill-loving character who would be the symbol and logo of the brand, so we suggested several brand names, including (Mashwy Basha) which was admired and selected by the client.

Then we started to imagine this Basha, and after several trials (attached in the album below) we reached to the form of a modern basha who eats grilled sandwiches, not the traditional grills served in luxury restaurants, as one of the brand’s future goals was to make express branches for takeaway only, that’s why we create the identity of Mashwy Basha as casual dining.

So, the basha had to be modern, and here we used trendy shutter shades sunglasses for him, and we made a gradient chin, while that the old traditional Basha had no chin at all, and we used modern fonts so that the whole experience would be different.

colors was selected through warm colors to stimulate appetite and express the hot of sandwiches and meals.

Client: Mashwy Basha

Date: August 1, 2021

Location: Cairo, Egypt

Category: Branding, Packaging, Restaurants & Cafes

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