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MANQAD is a flame grill restaurant located in Bristol UK.

The client requested from LASHEEN full branding and identity starting from naming till the packaging of the food.

We suggested 3 options and the client choosed MANQAD.

MANQAD means the container that used to flame the charcoal, which we used to express that most of their items are grilled on charcoal.

The logo illustrated the meaning of MANQAD using casual style as they targeted university students by their grilled sandwiches and meals.

They have their own signature through using fresh materials day by day (Not frozen) that’s why we created their tagline to be ”Our way .. is freshly everyday ”.

Hope you appreciate the project.

Client: Manqad Restaurant

Date: January 1, 2022

Location: Bristol, UK

Category: Branding, Restaurants & Cafes

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