Food & Drinks


When Katilio sent to us his brief about a new item he intended to produce (Graviera cheese).

Lasheen studied well the item, as it’s new for the Egyptian market as well as for us.

After googling we found that the origin of this kind of cheese is Greece.

And as it will be new for the market we decided to be courage and create a unique outside the box Design, with collages and minimalist tools.

As known collage art usually used in posters,T-shirts , books & magazines covers.

That why we took the risk to use this design school in packaging to cope with the new cheese item and stand out clearly on shelf, using patterns of Greek civilization, and differentiate the variants and flavors by changing the collages and small color area, creating the new brand DNA. by LASHEEN, Hope you appreciate the project.

Client: Katilio

Date: August 1, 2021

Location: Cairo, Egypt

Category: Branding, Packaging, Food & Drinks

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