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New journey for a new brand to one of our respective clients.

As the client is from Alexandria he suggest that the brand name is from his or his family names like all Alexandrian brands in this field (Al-Maliki / Saber / Sheikh Wafiq / Azza and others).

But after our studying his brief we found that most of his products are made by milk such as (rice milk / Umm Ali / Ice cream / beleela), so we suggest to him “B.Laban” (meaning “with milk” in Arabic).

The client appreciate our idea very much, we started creating visual branding and brand identity from logo, menu and packaging materials based on displaying the word B.Laban clearly by suitable font, choosing the blue colored (illustrated with logo).

And, Also Lasheen design the logo in an easy remarkable shape to be easily known and implemented even in printing materials or in the front shop signage.

B.Laban … From a Sweet World

Client: B.Laban

Date: January 1, 2021

Location: Cairo, Egypt

Category: Branding, Restaurants & Cafes

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