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Abo Daqqa

When one of our clients requested from us to create to him a brand for koshary chain, starting from creating the brand name, walking through the brand identity, tagline, clothes, shop sign and the packaging materials.

After we studied the brief of the project we found that this koshary market is old and it is a budget meal that’s why there is many old and strong competitors in this market.

We found an opportunity to give him a different name than the spread in the market whom based on the names of owners or names of locations.

We suggested “ABU DAQQA” based on the spicy sauce( daqqa )used with koshary.

Our goal is to develop a local brand with oriental, friendly and casual feelings.

The message of the brand is ( ما يتقالوش لأه ). That means irresistible taste. Hope you appreciate the project.

Client: Abo Daqqa

Date: December 1, 2021

Location: Cairo, Egypt

Category: Branding, Packaging, Restaurants & Cafes

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