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Home | Restaurants & CafesRestaurants & CafesB.Laban New journey for a new brand to one of our respective clients. As the client is from Alexandria he suggest that the brand name is from his or his family names like all Alexandrian brands in this field (Al-Maliki / Saber / Sheikh Wafiq / Azza and others). But after
Abo Daqqa
Home | Restaurants & CafesRestaurants & CafesAbo Daqqa When one of our clients requested from us to create to him a brand for koshary chain, starting from creating the brand name, walking through the brand identity, tagline, clothes, shop sign and the packaging materials. After we studied the brief of the project we found that this koshary
Home | Restaurants & CafesRestaurants & CafesManqad MANQAD is a flame grill restaurant located in Bristol UK. The client requested from LASHEEN full branding and identity starting from naming till the packaging of the food. We suggested 3 options and the client choosed MANQAD. MANQAD means the container that used to flame the charcoal, which we used
Mashwy Basha
Home | Restaurants & CafesRestaurants & CafesMashwy Basha here’s always a new chance to prove that we can compete ourselve and try to make a new success story with every new project requested from us. When one of our respective clients asked us to think and propose (brand name) with complete corporate branding and packaging identity for