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Obourland Milk
Home | Food & DrinksFood & DrinksObourland Milk As OBURLAND is one of the famous and old manufacturers of cheese in Egypt. And after he took his decision to make a new product line for the “Milk” with high ingredients and the product is 100% natural. So, LASHEEN built the design to illustrate the naturalist of the
Home | Food & DrinksDrinksHealthy Iced Coffee This product is targeted class A category As its expensive with high and premium ingredients from the milk source and fine coffee beans. The challenge for LASHEEN is that the client decides to make a self-adhesive label with small area. And here our skills appear to give him what he
Home | Food & DrinksFood & DrinksKatilio When Katilio sent to us his brief about a new item he intended to produce (Graviera cheese). Lasheen studied well the item, as it’s new for the Egyptian market as well as for us. After googling we found that the origin of this kind of cheese is Greece. And as
Lido Pasta
Home | Food & DrinksFood & DrinksLido Pasta As LIDO is high premium quality pasta with 100% semolina wheat. The packaging of the product must illustrate this. The challenge in this project is that the client need to compete the imported pastas brands, not only the local big names. LASHEEN put this in mind to give LIDO
Home | Food & DrinksFood & DrinksCornerz CORNERZ Tortillas Chips Our project with Seniorita Co. for snacks.. Brand name was offered by Z Design Team, based on the Product’s main ingredient as it produced from “Corn”. As well as everyone has his own point of view so has his own “Corner”. CORNERZ is targeting the teenager and