Lasheen Services

We strive to wrap your brand with love, ideas and support

Visual Branding

Brand is a global language that could penetrate any boarder around the world if done right, from this point we at LASHEEN studied well what works and what won’t, that’s why we made the ultimate mix between following international standards, with our creative touch. This mix will work well with your brand to make it stand out from the market crowdness and speaks confidently.

Let us show you our more than 30 years of experience and you will know that we are the choice to make the difference in your business and your brand:

  • We understand brands and the significance of a memorable identity.
  • We generate identities that have longevity and relevance: identities that are greater than the sum of their parts.
  • And we help to define global brands and distinguish them amongst their competitive set.
  • More importantly we ensure you’re remembered for all the right reasons.

An identity is no longer a static marque. So, we create multi-dimensional identities that encapsulate brand values as well as brand behavior between lines.


The packaging is consumers mirror, they need to see themselves in it, knowing that we are in smart era, so smart consumers needs a smart packaging. Lasheen can help you reach this point easily, by creating a personality to your brand and package.

Your brand & product is our friend we see him like a P.O.S and your sales representative, so in professional way we deal with our friends to reach the ultimate results. Make sure your packaging is lusted after.

Our chameleon house style adapts to suit your brand and your ambitions. Our 3D design talent is world class, and our graphic designers are stars in their own right.

Printing Services

Printing (We Love Print)

  • Printing for LASHEEN is like the soul for body.
  • Printing is our starting point.
  • Since 1992 LASHEEN start its journey in the packaging, printing, branding & design fields by offset printing.
  • Just because printing has been around for hundreds of years, it doesn’t mean there is no new, LASHEEN always try to add new categories and latest innovations in the printing techniques and products, all of these with high performances and technological equipments, also high standards of raw materials as well as high qualified labors.
  • Lasheen Print House is like a Super market that you get what you need under one roof, with the highest standards.

Outdoor Advertising

  • As now most of people are in the go.
  • They spent most of their time in the roads, driving to and from including traffic and rush hours.
  • From here the importance of the outdoor advertising appears.
  • LASHEEN has a good outdoor advertising network through Cairo and few other provinces.
  • Our locations are premium and obvious.
  • LASHEEN always try to make your outdoor adv. Speaks & say something and give the brand its identity.
  • Making die cutting to the billboard is one from our specialties.
  • LASHEEN always finds budget solutions to our clients to spread and make publicity with creative adv. Ideas in the billboard.
  • Our goal to make your products or brand beloved.
Outdoor Advertising Services