How Brands are Using TikTok to Reach Gen Z Consumers

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How Brands are Using TikTok to Reach Gen Z Consumers

In an age that’s becoming more digitally advanced and connected every day, it’s no wonder apps like TikTok are taking the world by storm.

TikTok is a free app that is arguably the most influential social media platform of 2020. It lets you create, watch, and share up to one-minute-long videos, often set to a popular soundtrack or recreating a trending dance number.

The TikToker Demographic:
Due to the growing population using the app, it’s time to take TikTok seriously as marketers. Plus, each time a user opens the app, their first interaction is with a paid advertisement.

With around 800 million active monthly users, many brands have capitalized on the advertising opportunities, using TikTok as a means of presenting their product or service to the average TikTok user: a Gen Z consumer.

Gen Z, although unlikely to admit it, are becoming more and more enthralled with this app everyday. The average user spends 52 minutes per day scrolling, and opens the app an average of eight times a day.

TikTok requires more than the traditional advertisement.

TikTok is not the platform for content that can be regularly found on Facebook, Instagram, orTwitter. TikTok is a whole new ballgame.

More often than not, creators are making videos that embrace weird, shocking, off-the-cuff content. Because of this, brands need to think differently when employing these creators to advertise on their behalf.

There are two major ways brands can leverage TikTok:

  1. Employ a creator to feature their product or service on that user’s profile.
  2. Create content of their own.
  3. Brands that create their own content use hashtag campaigns in an attempt to go viral or branded filters to use when recording a TikTok, challenges, and more.